Thursday, February 5, 2015

Attend the Dental Marketing University... Become a Dental Marketing Professional and Make More Money Now!

#1: Make MORE Money as a Dental Professional

I’ll begin this article by acknowledging that it's getting harder and harder to make more money as a dental professional in 2015.  It's especially been hard on those who simply opt for the "basic" level of dental professional training (i.e. "dental hygiene schools"; "dental assistant schools"; and even "dental schools").

If you want to find the best jobs possible in the dental industry... the dental jobs you'll really love doing then you need more training.  Growth Hacker Central the first and only company on the planet to offer the Dental Marketing Assistant Certification - available through their Dental Marketing University Online Training and Certification Program.

Recent graduates of the program are not only dental office managers, dental hygienists and dental assistants but even include dentists who are already successful in practice.  An example of one of our most recent graduates who is a practicing dentist is Chesterfield Dentist Nathan Hartman, DDS.

Dr. Hartman is the leading Chesterfield Cosmetic Dentist and yet he found it necessary to not only enroll team, but he enrolled himself. 

The most frequently asked questions we receive about the Dental Marketing University can be accessed by clicking the link at the beginning of this sentence... or you can simply visit the Growth Hacker Central Blog or the Dental Marketing University Curriculum page for more information.